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Russell FigaredoABC NYC Concierge was founded by Russell Figaredo, President of ABC NYC Limo, New York’s single best luxury transportation service.

As personal driver to some of New York’s A list celebrities, Financiers, Leaders and Real Estate moguls, I came to realize that they had everything in their life growing except for the one most valuable commodity, TIME. What started out as a limousine service soon became more of a private club that provides transportation. As my valued clients started to ask me to help them with things that happen to involve a Lincoln Town car, I came to understand that they needed trustworthy, reliable people to help them get through their busy days. I was stunned to learn how many service providers and people simply never show up, never call or reschedule. Over the last 20 years, people seem to have stopped caring and we have all come to accept “your call is very important to us” , as the normal way to do business.

No one had any time to get done the things that needed to get done. As I volunteered more and more to be a personal assistant, rather than a Chauffeur, I recognized that transportation was one of many other top priorities in people’s lives. People were constantly asking me “do you know someone?, do you have a connection? can you help me find this?, can you look this up?, can you help me? Every other sentence started with “Russell I’m sorry to ask you to do this but”.

And so, as transportation became only a PART of the actual job, I was doing, ABC NYC CONCIERGE was born. And so I decided to become a CONCIERGE, PERSONAL ASSISTANT and ERRAND RUNNER and incorporate my TOWN CAR LIMO IN NEW YORK.

Russell Figaredo

Russell Figaredo, President of ABC NYC Concierge

I love helping my clients. I treasure the letters of thanks they send me. I am honored that they have me on their cell phones . They all told me that I was like a part of the family, but I never believed it until:

I got the first phone call when Mrs. A was giving birth. Then taking her to mommy and me classes.

Mr. S called me to ask if I would take his sister to and from the city because she was too old to drive.

When The B. family was in town and I had to take them to church and their youngest daughter, fell asleep in the limo, I woke her and took her in to show her how to light a candle instead of putting a quarter in to flicker the light.

A couple I had taken on a tour called me FROM THE BEACH telling me that they heard a Sinatra song and thought about me and wanted to call me to thank me.

Dr. H calls me to take him and his lady friends out to dinner because he can never find anyone who actually stays put where they are supposed to be and he never rode in a car as clean and musically (Sinatra, Rat pack) pleasing.

A very discreet professional unmarried couple, from two different cities come to New York three times a year for their” alone time” and need me basically to help plan the weekend and stand guard so no one bothers them. (they seem to feel that if people found out of their relationship, it would hurt their professional standing).

The stories I have from my limousine services in NYC are not for HBO. They are real people who live real lives and just WANT TO BE ABLE TO COUNT ON AND TRUST SOMEONE!! And when the above and more happens, I truly FEEL like a part of the family.

Now then…………………How can I help you?

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