The Benefits of Using an Errand Service

Balancing life can be a real juggling act at times between work, friends, family and finding time to take care of yourself.  By the time you get home from work, grocery shop, feed the family, pay the bills, walk the dog, pick up the laundry and clean the house, there is not much time left for a trip to the gym or to just sit back and relax with a good book or have real … [Read more...]

Aquarius Celebration. Live Performances by Talib Kweli, Freedom Williams, K…

Join us on February 11th for an unforgettable evening amongst the stars! Celebrity host Talib Kweli will be hosting, toasting and performing alongside Freedom Williams whose celebrating his 50th birthday! We are bringing together new hip hop performers with old school artists who defined the genre! Don't miss out on this LEGENDARY PARTY! Ticket prices will be going up! … [Read more...]

ABC NYC Concierge Partners with the National Concierge Association

ABC NYC Concierge values its clients and understands the need for trustworthy, reliable people to help them get through their busy days. Russell Figaredo, President of both ABC NYC Limo and ABC NYC Concierge, loves helping his clients and is always looking for new ways to make their lives easier, and experiences more memorable. By joining the National Concierge Association … [Read more...]

3 Top Spas in NYC

As if those of us living in NYC weren’t already overwhelmed enough, the holidays are now upon us offering us dozens of things we need to see and do and no time to do them. Factor in the holiday traffic and for many, we find ourselves wishing for more than just a few extra hours. Thankfully, if there is one thing that New Yorkers know how to do it is relax. From cost … [Read more...]

Tips to Help You Save Time and Reduce Stress During the Holidays

The holidays are here and all around New York City, amazing events, activities and special attractions are ongoing throughout the month of December. This, in addition to your already busy schedule at work, family life not to mention holiday parties and planning is enough to make anyone overwhelmed. ABC NYC Concierge, in an effort to help you make the most of your holiday … [Read more...]

Tips to Better Organize Your Home from ABC NYC Concierge

In a city where the most expensive real estate may go for upwards of $10,000 per square foot, it is easy to understand why organization is important. While most New Yorkers obviously don’t pay that much, it is more than common to pay well over $1,000 per square foot for a home in NYC. In fact, according to Trulia, the average cost per square foot for a home in New York … [Read more...]

Better Balancing Your Work Life and Your Personal Life in NYC – Tips From an NYC Concierge

New York City has a diverse economy with millions of workers employed in fields ranging from agriculture and food service to health care and government. No matter what business you may be involved in however, you may have at one point or another found yourself having to miss something personal due to work. While many have already found the balance that works for them, … [Read more...]

An Up-close Look at Coney Island – One of NYC’s Best

Coney Island is best known for it’s amusement park however, Coney Island offers much more than just rides and elephant ears. A lovely seaside resort area, Coney Island is also the site of historic destinations, parks, beaches, restaurants and more. The history of Coney Island is much like the history of many other areas in and around NYC. Long before the arrival of the … [Read more...]

Family Fall Fun In NYC

A farm in New York City? Believe it or not, this is something which still exists. Located in the borough of Queens, visitors have the opportunity to step back in time before NYC was the sprawling city which it is today. A 47 acre farm in Floral Park, Queens, this remnant of NYC’s past occupies the city’s largest remaining area of undisturbed farmland which has been … [Read more...]

3 of New Yorks Newest and Most Exciting Restaurants in 2014 A Review from ABC NYC Concierge

As a concierge service who also provides transportation services in New York City, many of our clients come to us from other countries or at the very least, other parts of this country. Many are new to New York and looking for the “best” places to see and things to do. For many New Yorkers, food holds a special place in our hearts. We eat with our eyes and love what we eat … [Read more...]

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