October 2015

My clients loved their private personalized tour this summer! Russell Figaredo knows the city inside and out! He designed the tour around my client’s interests. Amazing!

He also provided the transfer services to and from the airport and car rental for their continued trip south along the coast. Much preferred then hailing a cab for a family of five.

Thank you!
Kirsten D.

“Russell Figaredo is extraordinarily focused on customer service and always has his client’s interests at heart.Reliable, honest, trustworthy – exactly the kind of partner everyone is looking for and lucky to have.”

Thanks again,

September isssue of ENTREE Magazine

Russell Figaredo, the classy gentleman who runs our favorite New York limousine service, has launched a new company, ABC NYC Concierge. Those of you who know Russell know he loves to help his clients any way he can. Since he started, he has been asked to do many things for his clients–locate hard to find tickets, make hotel and restaurant reservations, babysit, conduct tours around the city, run errands of all kinds, shop for this or that (both routine and on the spur of the moment), find a companion for a sick person or elder care, escort (like a bodyguard, remember, he’s happily married), do internet research, sit and wait for the cable guy or the repair man, the list is endless. It all began when Russell contacted his dear friend, Katherine Giovanni at Triangle Concierge. He spent a while with her learning the ropes and graduated an officially recognized concierge, errand runner and personal assistant and ABC NYC Concierge Service was born. Even though he is now trained to handle the concierge services for any office building or hotel, Russell makes the same promise he always does: his service will be personal service with him at the head of every project. He will never have recorded customer service, because all his clients will have his personal number so he can personally provide service to anyone. The majority of concierge companies on the web are nothing more than farm-out, subcontracting companies. They have never served a client a cup of coffee, so you can forget about recommending something that they have never actually done or experienced. They have no idea what service is really about. Russell has been at his clients service since he opened his first set of doors, and will always be right there in the thick of it.

Editor and Publisher, ENTREE Travel Newsletter

February 8, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:
I had the pleasure of hiring Russell Figaredo of ABC NYC LIMOUSINE recently to drive me in New York. As a veteran of over 50 years of luxury travel, I can honestly say this was an unparalleled experience of quality. Mr. Figaredo is, first of all, a gentleman and exuberant company to be with. His limousine was in top shape and immaculately clean. Mr. Figaredo was 100% reliable and always on time and extremely knowledgeable about New York, its sights and attractions and the many ways to maneuver in traffic. I would hire him again in a heartbeat. He is a true treasure be your travel business or pleasure.

Editor and Publisher, ENTREE Travel Newsletter
P.O. Box 5148 Santa Barbara, CA 93150

February 14, 2008

ABC NYC Limo offers above average Town Car or limousine service at a reasonable price. Don’t be fooled into using a company that will send any driver with a license. Use a company that takes pride in their work, their cars and their drivers. ABC NYC Limo service is more than just a shuttle to and fro; it is an experience. They offer fresh fruit, breath mints, water and candy for the children. Select vehicles are equipped with Sirius Satellite radio to provide their occupants with whatever music, news or entertainment they’re in the mood for. Go with a company that caters to notable celebrities, media elite, royalty, politicians, authors, models and the top echelon of corporate America, like the President of duPont REGISTRY magazine, Clint Sly who always uses ABC NYC Limo. “When I travel, I always call Russell Figaredo’s ABC NYC Limo”

– Clint Sly President duPont REGISTRY


To Russell Figaredo,

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care we received from you while we were in New York. You made a very stressful time for me go very smoothly. With 10 different executives arriving and departing from all three airports at numerous times, it was a great relief for me that they were all met on time with a friendly face. I received several comments on what a superb job your company did. ABC Limo is a class act and we will utilize your services whenever we find ourselves in New York again.

Thanks again,
Christa M.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to be able to provide a reference for ABC/United Limousine, and in particular, Russell Figaredo.

We began using ABC/United Limo in approximately April 2007 after a detailed search for a limmo service that would provide professional services at resonable prices four our company. Our requirements, which were sent out to at least a dozen limo services for quotes, were firm: we require very late model vehicles, vehicles impeccably maintained inside and outside, a fully uniformed driver who is knowledgable with directions before the trip, and always on time…………..


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TO: Russell Figaredo United Limousine

Dear Russell-
I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your generosity and hospitality during our stay in New York. Your professionalism and knowledge of the area as well as scenic sights was a godsend. We would highly suggest your company to anyone looking for a safe, fun, knowledgeable ride through NYC. On behalf of the entire Stayer family we extend our deepest appreciation. Thank You so very much for everything. The tour was a nice added touch. We will send you the pictures and Russell -Aaron my soon to be son in law is still commenting on your suit.


August issue of ENTREE Magazine

Russell Figaredo, the debonair owner of out favorite Gotham limousine company, is asked everyday to recommend an authentic pizza place in New York. The truth, he says, is that the chain of restaurants have prettu much ruined this tranditionall great food. That’s not to say, however, that you won’t find good pizza in New York…. it’s just about knowing where to look. So if you ask him for pizza, Russell will take you to……

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I am very pleased to add my praise for the services of Russell Figaredo and United Limousine. I met Russell more than 2 years ago when a California-based friend staying at the Lowell Hotel used his services while in New York. In my opinion, Russell’s services are unique in New York City. First, his cars are in pristine condition – no dents, no dirt, no worn carpets, no peculiar aromas – instead a brand new shiny black car which is a pleasure to share with others. All too often, car services are an embarrassment when picking up lady friends but with Russell there is no such problem. Quite the contrary, my lady friends are delighted with the fresh clean atmosphere. Next, Russell is always punctual, often ahead of time for the pick up. And most impressively of all, he has never failed to be there when the evening is over. And that I can assure you is worth any price to avoid the chronic anxiety throughout an evening that there will be no one outside after a lovely evening at the opera or a restaurant, especially when rain or cold makes an exit difficult. And finally to add a perfect touch, Russell has an extensive music library with an emphasis on big bands and Sinatra so one’s guest is treated not only to a perfect car but perfect music, no talk(!) as well! And it should be noted that Russell dresses the part – double breasted suit and Borsalino hat!


May issue of ENTREE Magazine

In New York, we highly recommend ABC NYC Limousine, and this is the onlye service ENTREE uses. Owner Russell Figaredo (visit and also check out Mr. Figaredo’s stupendous do-it-all concierge service at takes great pride in his cars and drivers and often chauffers himself…….

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December issue of ENTREE Magazine

We met Russell Figaredo of ABCNYC/United Limousine Guider Tours of NYC when we last booked a limo service from JFK into Manhattan. He had come highly recommended. There he was, waiting for us as we entered the baggage area, all dressed up in a proper dark, nicely tailored shrkskin suit and black hat. Russell grabbed…..

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I work with many car services all over the country and abroad; ABC United Limousine is by far the best I have experienced. The level of customer service makes me feel as though our company has our own car service. The staff quickly sends confirms, the drivers are always on time, and though I schedule many last minute trips a car is always available. I love this company! Thanks for everything.


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